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[Amy] Snow drop

it’s finally spring

but I can still find snow drops

around here and there

[Amy] Layers


like a shuffled deck
one on top of another
layers intertwined

[Amy] Sunflower


Indian summer

competes the colors of fall

blooms brightly once more

[Brian] Light the Night


Dim glow lights the night
As nature’s shine fades away
Forward towards the city

[Ian] Three Ghosts?


faces on the wall

How many soft memories hide

behind stony stares?

NOTE: I have started to take photos in a set of pre-chosen themes. This is my first theme: Three Of A Kind.

[Amy] Walrus Teeth


“A quick trip,” He said
“Trust me, dentists don’t hurt you. ”
Little did I know…

[Amy] Blending in


While he doesn’t match
Coloring so similar
He is blending in

[Amy] Horror Film


Monster in the mist
Something from a horror film
Where did it come from?

[Amy] Fire!


There are certain things
That I never thought would burn
Steel, brick and mortar

[Amy] To Nowhere


Won’t get there faster
Climbing a ramp to nowhere
Hope to see you there