We are keeping the pool of contributors low at first – this is just an exercise to get our creative juices flowing! Here are the biographies of the snappers so far…

Ian Pritchard

Ian has been dabbling with short fiction and taking photos for years. He wrote haikus inspired by his photographs for several art exhibitions, and decided to make it a daily thing for this site. Obviously he never managed to keep up with the ‘daily’ thing but he intents to do his best!

His life can be summed up by a haiku –

nothing beats the thrill

when an image emerges

from the background noise

Amy Sandberg

Amy photographs purely for enjoyment. She doesn’t claim to be a professional photographer in any way, but loves to take photos that stand out as unique or interesting. She likes to photograph unusual colors, angles or reflections, along with the occasional “pretty” shot of flowers or plays of light.

Amy has a background in computer support and programming, and currently works in the IT industry.  For her, the fun part of a site like the Daily Snap site is the creative outlet it provides which is so different from her every day work.  Amy posts under the handle laurenals.

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