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[Ian] Golden Rider

motorbike rider
emerges from early sun

feeling so alive

[Ian] Three Ghosts?


faces on the wall

How many soft memories hide

behind stony stares?

NOTE: I have started to take photos in a set of pre-chosen themes. This is my first theme: Three Of A Kind.

[Ian] statue double take


when I am grown up
I want to be just the same
but perhaps taller

(this was a double exposure in the camera not Photoshopped)

[Amy] Chicken


Don’t be a chicken
Giant un-feathered fellow
He braves the weather

[Ian] Tightrope


steel balancing act
talks to us of strength and poise
steady through life’s gales

[Ian] Sunrise


sun rise behind trees
silhouetting a statue
morning shadow blend

[Ian] Escaped Lion


There is a Stone Zoo
I think this lion escaped
to prey on statues

[Ian] Angel


angel in shadows.
eroded by rain and ice
but still she wears a smile

[Ian] Dancing Shadow


a statue’s shadow
looking bravely out to sea
or is he dancing?

[Ian] Misty Lief

Misty Eric

Misty Lief

Lief Ericson Stands

among misted leafless trees

a silent still life