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[Ian] Ice

there’s ice on the path

be careful. You have been warned

by a litter bug

[Ian] Meters of Snow

midwest winter scene

these meters are set up for

snowmobile parking

[Ian] Stop Snowing!

snow blows through the the night

leaves shadowy, ghostly tracks

ignores traffic sign

[Ian] Concrete Ghost


eroded concrete

ghostly remnants left behind

floating on pavement

[Ian] Pigeon Statues


grey and still like stone

pigeons on ornate perches

trying to blend in

[Ian] Window Man


perched on window ledge

the man who knew he could fly

summoning courage




[Ian] Leap Day


Crazy calendar
shows an extra day this year.
Where did it come from?

[Ian] Nest


waterfront condo

original wood flooring

open plan living


[Ian] Old Door


old door needs new paint.

Varnish, oil and love would help

restore its glory days





[Ian] Chaos Theory


I heard a violent

sound. Looked around and witnessed

chaos creation