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[Amy] Horror Film


Monster in the mist
Something from a horror film
Where did it come from?

[Amy] Maintaining Fog


Becoming opaque
The building starts to show through
Fog needs maintenance

[Amy] Foggy Tangles

Tangles and Fog

Branches intertwine
Wooden synaptic network
Obscured by the fog

[Amy] Lonely


Beautiful design
The museum stands alone
As nothing compares

[Ian] Going…going…


climbing up the stairs
at about the thirteenth floor
I faded away

[Amy] Foggy Art Museum

Art Musuem in the Fog

Shrouded by the fog
The majestic museum
Stands all by itself

[Ian] Misty Lief

Misty Eric

Misty Lief

Lief Ericson Stands

among misted leafless trees

a silent still life

[Amy] Steamy Sunrise

a blanket of fog
melting in the morning sun
shrouding the landscape

Ian P.