Monthly Archives: June 2013

[Ian] Chrome


powerful colours
shining in the bright sunlight
promise excitement

[Amy] Little Lights

Little Lights

In a deep, dark world
These little lights guide the way
Visual encore

[Ian] Cones


forest floor littered
with the detritus of trees
hoping to be coal

[Ian] Water


water cascading
fantastic liquid sculpture
built from drips and drops

[Amy] – Morning Dew

[Amy] - Morning Dew

Is it morning dew?
Or did a recent rain fall?
Only the plants know

[Ian] water way


I am so thirsty
and where is all the water?
there’s a handy sign!

[Amy] – Water Slide

[Amy] - Water Slide

Like Wisconsin Dells
Only, sized for little ants
A green water slide

[Ian] Crayons


a shattered rainbow
colours fallen ti the ground
where we can touch them

[Amy] Crossing

Former switch

Once so important
This switch controlled the train’s fate
Now directs the bees

[Amy] Zipper

[Amy] Zipper

Inside and outside
stark contrast zipped together
teeth of glass bubbles