Monthly Archives: October 2012

[Ian] Halloween



a tower of skulls

fading into reflection

makes you think don’t it?

[Amy] Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones in white
Like bones the water washed in
Lie upon the shore

[Amy] New York Animals

it wasn’t a zoo
but the animals were there
huge metal creatures

[Ian] Organic Sign

Organic Sign

Organic Sign

growing old’s no fun

fading to gray and starting

to become background

[Ian] Mural And Leaves

Mural And Leaves

Mural And Leaves

together forever

painted on a concrete wall

plants grow around them

[Ian] Mushroom Brain

Mushroom Brain

Mushroom Brain

a brainy mushroom

outhinking other flora

an egghead fungus

[Ian] Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

a puddle on wood

reflects the trees around it

wooden reflections

[Ian] Fence



ornate metal fence
to keep us on the outside
or keep the grass in?

[Ian] Slick Leaves

Slick Leaves

Slick Leaves

a whole Universe

floating in its oily space

filthy milky way

[Ian] Rudolph PileUp

Rudolph PileUp

Rudolph PileUp

red nose poking out

Rudolf and his reindeer pals

in a plush pileup