Monthly Archives: February 2016

[Ian] Leap Day


Crazy calendar
shows an extra day this year.
Where did it come from?

[Ian] Nest


waterfront condo

original wood flooring

open plan living


[Brian] Black and White


Giant saucer eyes
Will my owner fall for this?
Forever hungry

[Ian] Old Door


old door needs new paint.

Varnish, oil and love would help

restore its glory days





[Ian] Chaos Theory


I heard a violent

sound. Looked around and witnessed

chaos creation


[Ian]Shadow Boxing


shadow of a lamp

looks like a boxer sparring

a lightweight, perhaps?

Note: I am currently working through a set of themes. This was for the theme “Black and White”. I decided to look for a colour shot that looks like it is black and white.

[Brian] Light the Night


Dim glow lights the night
As nature’s shine fades away
Forward towards the city

[Ian] Three Ghosts?


faces on the wall

How many soft memories hide

behind stony stares?

NOTE: I have started to take photos in a set of pre-chosen themes. This is my first theme: Three Of A Kind.

[Ian] Ice Melt


one day spring will come

and as we revel in warmth

ice will liquify