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[Amy] Locked

is it a symbol

of storing love securely

or just convenient?

Cocoon [Ian]

tell me mummy, do

plastic butterflies emerge

from bottle cocoons?

[Ian] Transport



window reflections

inside and out, can you see

three forms of transport?


[Ian] Point

when we are apart

I am merely a lost glove

life becomes pointless

[Ian] Dancing Stick Man

take a warning sign

turn it around and crop it

make that wee man dance

[Ian] Blue Dance


entranced by blue skies
she loses herself in dance
her head in the clouds

[Amy] Coniferous


this evergreen tree
made it through the rough winter
prepares for warm days

[Amy] Baseball


Start of Spring season
Punctuated by baseball
In parks everywhere

[Ian] Spectators


what are you watching
with your intense stony stares
focus never lost

I am taking part in a weekly photo challenge to get my creative juices flowing!
Rule of Thirds / bokeh

[Amy] In the field


Once in heavy use
Now this structure stands alone
A field guardian