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[Amy] Memory

it’s true, times may change

hand me downs from family

bring back memories

[Ian] Transport



window reflections

inside and out, can you see

three forms of transport?


[Amy] Climb

creaky step leading
to a safe, personal space
free of distractions

[Amy] Orchid


a little beauty
amongst the winter bleakness
helps to cheer the soul

[Ian] Plush Parade


stop your horseplay, please
look towards the camera
come on now, say cheese

[Ian] Orange


a peeling orange
looks deliciously juicy
appealing orange

[Amy] Pabst


An old theater
Seats bottoms older than mine
To keep with the times

[Amy] Curls


Plays of light and dark
Creating calligraphy
Light curls the shadows

[Ian] Family Fun Night


family fun night
apparently means coffee
keep those kids awake

[Ian] Tabletop Tryptic


worlds float above worlds

the real merges with fiction

all is illusion


plant on glass table

look through and see floral print

real atop unreal


imagine this scene

water flows through bamboo pipe

feeding plant pictures

I allowed myself to go wild-this photo has so many levels. The haikus kept going so I wrote three of them. I like to think of this as a tryptic -the same image repeated 3 times beside each other with the haikus underneath.