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[Amy] Locked

is it a symbol

of storing love securely

or just convenient?

[Amy] Tracks


“Walk this way,” he said

Goose to English translator –

It only said, “Honk.”

[Amy] Croc!


Dangerous waters
The shores of Lake Michigan
House a little croc

[Amy] Awake

[Amy] Awake

An early morning

Liquid gold covers the lake

A priceless sunrise

[Ian] Lit House

Lit House

Lit House

there’s weather moving in

lighting lighthouse in dawn glow

urging ships back home

[Amy] Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones in white
Like bones the water washed in
Lie upon the shore

[Amy] Itchy Rock

when you have an itch

what can be done but to scratch?

with stone fingertips

[Amy] Painted Clouds

real clouds look painted

above sparkling lake water

a water color

[Amy] Stripes

natural striping

on lake Michigan boulders

water levels change


2012-09-10 [Amy] In and Out

Sailboats, one inside the breakwater and one outside.  It is amazing having such a gorgeous lake so close every day.  Sometimes, it is easy to forget how amazing it is – and then I get reminded on a sunny day like this.

What is it about bodies of water that draw the human eye?