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[Ian] Fall

chlorophyl gone

underneath the green

were magnificent yellows

waiting to emerge

[Ian] Sunlit Filter

sun setting through leaves

paints a golden glow over

delightful colours

[Ian] Natural victor

we can’t beat nature

fallen leaves put in their place

trees have more to drop

[Amy] Sun-touched


the sparkling sun

glistens through these red-tipped leaves

becoming sun touched

[Amy] Floating


Miniature boats
Form a marina of leaves
Prepped for cold storage

[Amy] Fleaf Bouquet


Lines and colors blur
Leaves and flowers together
Baby’s breath of snow

[Amy] Fallen


After the first snow
The trees know Winter’s approach
Shed their summer skin

[Ian] Bare-Japanese Maple Part 2


Japanese Maple
shed its colours overnight
left with shreds of red

[Ian] Red-Japanese Maple Part 1


Japanese maple
adorned in her new red dress
her Fall collection

[Amy] Silver leaf


A shiny coating
Decorative metallic
That’s not quite gold leaf