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[Amy] Metal Sunrise



It is a structure

Metal sunrise, not quite sun

Which still gives off light

[Amy] Near infinity


This metal design
It may not last forever
Symbolic symbol

[Amy] Peas


Metal molded shapes
Reminds of summer sweetness
Snap peas in a pod

[Amy] Holes


Such a cute pattern
Made only with little holes
Macramé metal

[Ian] Metal Horse

Metal Horse

Metal Horse

yellow metal horse

climb aboard and make pretend

you can leap fences

[Amy] New York Animals

it wasn’t a zoo
but the animals were there
huge metal creatures

[Ian] Fence



ornate metal fence
to keep us on the outside
or keep the grass in?

[Ian] Leafy Gate

Leafy Gate

Leafy Gate

leaves are turning red

and metal turns to red rust

time marches onwards