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[Ian] Stop

show this sign some love

survivor of all weathers

now fadimg away

[Ian] Alien Craft?

sign in public park

could the discs it warns us of

be alien craft

[Ian] Dancing Stick Man

take a warning sign

turn it around and crop it

make that wee man dance

[Amy] Climb


watching the ocean

keep an eye out for the signs

time to start climbing

[Ian] Cubist Tar


roadwork can be art
a cubist mother and child
painted using tar

[Ian] Risky


sign that says it all
the dangers demonstrated
by its own damage

[Ian] Break


the warning stick man
takes a wee break now and then
to lie down and smoke

[Ian] Landing


alien landing site?
patterns appeared overnight
during the snowstorm

[Amy] Pabst


An old theater
Seats bottoms older than mine
To keep with the times

[Amy] Warm


Climate change or no
Sudden changes in weather
Don’t let the snow melt