Monthly Archives: February 2014

[Amy] Snow Dance

Snow Dance

twisting and swirling
whipping wind toys with the snow
in a blinding dance

[Amy] Spirograph


Playing in the snow
Bringing back the memories
Of the days of old

[Amy] Stick Fingers


Stick figure fingers
Skin and sinew made of ice
Reach up from the ground

[Amy] Maintaining Fog


Becoming opaque
The building starts to show through
Fog needs maintenance

[Ian] Dollar Heart


penny for your thoughts?
but the value of your heart
cannot be measured

[Ian] Frozen Thistle


nature’s ice sculpture.
this thistle took months to grow.
frozen overnight

[Ian] Dream Light


twilight bathes the town
in a summerlike sunset
but snow tells the truth

[Ian] Wood Monster


muscling through the ice
the monster rises for air
Loch Ness is frozen

[Amy] Waiting


Infinite patience
Is the only thing he had
While waiting to melt

[Ian] Orange


a peeling orange
looks deliciously juicy
appealing orange