Monthly Archives: December 2012

[an] Frosty Tag

Frosty Tag

Frosty Tag

Frosty the snowman

tagged this frost encrusted bench

more lasting than he

[Ian] Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

this ice is so thin

its still in its liquid form

danger – you will sink

[Ian] Stack o’ Chairs

Stack o' Chairs

Stack o’ Chairs

I never seem to

be able to get a chair

in this lousy place


[Amy] Stumped



what is it you see?

something different, maybe

possibly, you’re stumped

[Ian] Black And White

Black And White

Black And White

breeze flows through their hair

as these two dogs taste the air

life without a care

[Ian] Lit House

Lit House

Lit House

there’s weather moving in

lighting lighthouse in dawn glow

urging ships back home

[Amy] High Heart

High Heart

Happy in the tree

This heart is safely at home

In its shapely nest

[Ian] Metal Horse

Metal Horse

Metal Horse

yellow metal horse

climb aboard and make pretend

you can leap fences

[Amy] Bricks after rain

Bricks after rain

surprising colors

jump from the stones of the path

brightening my day

[Ian] Shadow Hat

Shadow Hat

Shadow Hat

alien shadow?
chinese lantern on my head?
no. Just shadow play