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[Amy] Crystalline


a furry new coat

grows unique and crystalline

with no warmth in store

[Ian] Colder


objects in mirror
are colder than they appear
proceed with cocoa

[Ian] Car Wash


did the owner know
that by parking overnight
car would be spritzed clean?

[Amy] Missing Car

Which car

If you park this car
The invisible auto
Parking free of charge

[Ian] Black And White

Black And White

Black And White

breeze flows through their hair

as these two dogs taste the air

life without a care

[Ian] Land Shark

Land Shark

Land Shark

predatory car

waits for you to cross the street

preparing to pounce

[Ian] Carflection

Car reflecting downtown Milwaukee buildings


metal and glass skin
reflects stone and metal skins
in this modern world