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[Ian] Raindrop Lens


raindrop on window
a diferent lens on the world
mobius rainbow

[Ian] Alien Ships


photos that I took
captured circles that weren’t there
aliens or rain?


[Ian] Leaves


leaves float on puddles
among reflections of trees
onwhich they once grew

[Ian] Wet Bat


table tennis bat
sitting alone in the rain
bright red reflections

[Amy] Bricks after rain

Bricks after rain

surprising colors

jump from the stones of the path

brightening my day

[Amy] Waterproof Leaves





leaves are wet with rain

but water never soaks in

now in waterproof


[Ian] Angry Clouds

Angry Clouds

Angry Clouds

clouds on rolling boil

water vapour set to pour

drenching wind swept trees

[Ian] Wet Bench

Wet Bench

Wet Bench

please don’t sit on me

I’m all wet as you can see.

I’ll make your butt soggy

[Ian] Wet

Wet Outside


through a wet window
watching damp folks splashing home
soon I’ll be one too

[Ian] Bus Sign

Wet Bus

Bus Sign

waiting for the bus
for years this sign has stopped them
but never boarded