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[Amy] Memory

it’s true, times may change

hand me downs from family

bring back memories

[Amy] Drift

once a space to float

now the beach has reappeared

with lounging driftwood

[Ian] Sunlit Filter

sun setting through leaves

paints a golden glow over

delightful colours

[Ian] Bonsai

carefully sculpted

seems to be shaped by strong winds

never been outside

[Ian] In Perspective

tall though he may be

just the same he finds that he

is dwarfed by a tree

[Amy] Horseshoe


A hoof print in wood
Doesn’t mean horses climb trees
with shoes on their feet

[Amy] Sparkle


Best of the season
To you and your family
Is our wish to you

[Ian] Pine Cone


tiny Christmas tree
perfectly sized for pixies
yuletide miniature

[Ian] Red-Japanese Maple Part 1


Japanese maple
adorned in her new red dress
her Fall collection

[Ian] Pining Away


once a fragrant pine
dreaming of lost aroma
colour still exists