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[Ian] Stop Snowing!

snow blows through the the night

leaves shadowy, ghostly tracks

ignores traffic sign

[Amy] Wings

V for victory
in the shadow of my wings
a sunlit success


[Ian]Shadow Boxing


shadow of a lamp

looks like a boxer sparring

a lightweight, perhaps?

Note: I am currently working through a set of themes. This was for the theme “Black and White”. I decided to look for a colour shot that looks like it is black and white.

[Ian] Faraway Rest


slogging through the snow

spotsĀ a handy place to rest

but so far away

[Ian] Shadowplay


me and my shadow
met another just like us
we talked until dark

[Ian] Angel’s Shadow


shadow of a lamp
like my guardian angel
made me think of you

[Amy] Curls


Plays of light and dark
Creating calligraphy
Light curls the shadows

[Amy] Backlight


Gold sneaks through branches

Making shapes in the sunset

Still cast in shadow

[Ian] Dodo?


X-Ray of an egg
laid by something long extinct
or something sweeter?

[Amy] Lined


A jail, or a rail
A corner with wall and floor
Lines in shadow play