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[Ian]Shadow Boxing


shadow of a lamp

looks like a boxer sparring

a lightweight, perhaps?

Note: I am currently working through a set of themes. This was for the theme “Black and White”. I decided to look for a colour shot that looks like it is black and white.

[Ian] Shadowplay


me and my shadow
met another just like us
we talked until dark

[Ian] Angel’s Shadow


shadow of a lamp
like my guardian angel
made me think of you

[Amy] Lined


A jail, or a rail
A corner with wall and floor
Lines in shadow play

[Ian] Angel


I saw an angel
swimming in a shallow sea
trailed by her shadow

[Ian] Dancing Shadow


a statue’s shadow
looking bravely out to sea
or is he dancing?

[Ian] Reality?


hiding in plain sight

camouflaged by their shadows

stealthy furniture


[Ian] Shadow Hat

Shadow Hat

Shadow Hat

alien shadow?
chinese lantern on my head?
no. Just shadow play

[Ian] When I grow up

Bicycle with pretentions

Bicycle with pretensions

I think when I grow up

I will be a Harley bike

complete with hot rod


[Ian] Electric Zebra


Electric Zebra Variation

Electric Zebra

electric zebra

which zoo can I find you in?

do you play with eels?