Monthly Archives: August 2012

2012-08-30 [Amy] 1990

Upside-down and backwards, but no, I did not flip this image. The morning sun caught the building’s inscription of the year it was built, and flipped it onto the sidewalk. It was displayed so clearly, how could I not take a photo of it?

[Ian] Early Decoration?

Early Decoration?

Early Decoration?

have the holidays

started in August this year

or is this alien?

[I had to pretend ‘alien’ has 2 syllables for this one. Just say it fast and go along!]

2012-08-25 [Amy] Reflect and Float

I know this one is a couple of days behind, but I had it and didn’t want to forget to get it up.  This is a shot from a walk we took around the lake at Girl Scout Camp (where I volunteer), and the lake had both reflected leaves and floating algae. It’s not quite as clear as I would have liked, but it’s still unique, and I thought, worth posting.

2012-08-29 [Amy] Almost Ice

I thought this photo looked a bit like ice! It’s not though… any idea what it is? (It was for yesterday’s theme, but technically it was taken this morning.)

[Ian] Hardware

What is this?


computer tower

aptly named it seems to me

looks like a building

2012-08-29 [Amy] “Fake” Flames

I know you all saw Ian’s photo of flames from 8/25.  I mentioned on there that I had a photo of “fake” flames… so here it is!

It is not true fire – anyone know what it is?

[Ian] Branch shadows

Branch shadows

Branch shadows

rainforest patterns

the sun rises behind trees

and hits my curtains

2012-08-27 [Amy] NM in the Jungle

This shot is of the plants outside Northwestern Mutual with the sun shining through them, and just visible on the left in the background is the historic South building of Northwestern Mutual. The buildings look like they are being overtaken by a large jungle of unusual plants! The light in this particular shot was fun, and since the sun was being so cooperative, I have a couple of other city shots with the evening sun in them as well.

[Ian] Con Trick

Con Trick

Con Trick

old construction sign

battered, rusted, faded, scratched

hints that we’ve been had

[Ian] Making Waves

Making Waves

Making Waves

table full of rain

flowing, swirling, rippling shapes

almost hide the grain