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[Amy] Drift

once a space to float

now the beach has reappeared

with lounging driftwood

[Ian] Guard


a lighthouse now helps
snowmobilers navigate
frozen waterways

[Ian] Cold Steam


frigid lake sunrise
the lighthouse shrouded by steam
as water freezes

[Amy] Sunset Lake


Beautiful summer
Winds down with a lake outing
Before fall begins

[Amy] Sticks and stones

Sticks and stones in white
Like bones the water washed in
Lie upon the shore

[Amy] Itchy Rock

when you have an itch

what can be done but to scratch?

with stone fingertips

[Amy] Painted Clouds

real clouds look painted

above sparkling lake water

a water color

2012-09-10 [Amy] In and Out

Sailboats, one inside the breakwater and one outside.  It is amazing having such a gorgeous lake so close every day.  Sometimes, it is easy to forget how amazing it is – and then I get reminded on a sunny day like this.

What is it about bodies of water that draw the human eye?

2012-08-25 [Amy] Reflect and Float

I know this one is a couple of days behind, but I had it and didn’t want to forget to get it up.  This is a shot from a walk we took around the lake at Girl Scout Camp (where I volunteer), and the lake had both reflected leaves and floating algae. It’s not quite as clear as I would have liked, but it’s still unique, and I thought, worth posting.