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[Amy] Snow drop

it’s finally spring

but I can still find snow drops

around here and there

[Ian] Potential

a bulb we planted

dug up by squirrel and left

in nature’s freezer

[Ian] Summer Colours

remember summer?

the warmth of blues and yellows

soon it will be back

[Amy] Sunflower


Indian summer

competes the colors of fall

blooms brightly once more

[Amy] Orchid


a little beauty
amongst the winter bleakness
helps to cheer the soul

[Amy] Daisy


Pretty daisies bloom
Wisconsin summer portrayed
A picturesque scene

[Amy] Hiding



Bee very careful
Can you see me hiding there?
Stealthily working

[Amy] Parallels


The cycle of life
Timeframes may be different
Applies to all things

City Spring


urban gardening
these Buds need no watering
or glassy vases

[Ian] Sprung


the icy ground yields
no match for life bursting through
spring will always win