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[Amy] Watching

am I watching you

maybe you are watching me

just stay very still

[Amy] Locked

is it a symbol

of storing love securely

or just convenient?

[Amy] Drift

once a space to float

now the beach has reappeared

with lounging driftwood

[Ian] Icy Bubbles


bubbles trapped in ice

leafy fingers stretch upwards

as if juggling them

[Amy] Climb


watching the ocean

keep an eye out for the signs

time to start climbing

[Amy] Starfish

IMG_1570 (2)

This slimy critter

Loves the fresh tide coming in

A purple starfish

[Amy] Waterfall


a new camera
I practice showing motion
flowing waterfall

[Ian] Nest


waterfront condo

original wood flooring

open plan living


[Ian] Spoonbill


this bird grew a spoon

searched until it found the sea

thought it found fish soup

[Ian] Paradise Reflected

paradise reflects

but not in a tropical sea.

On wooden table.