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[Amy] Spirograph


Playing in the snow
Bringing back the memories
Of the days of old

[Amy] Stick Fingers


Stick figure fingers
Skin and sinew made of ice
Reach up from the ground

[Amy] Maintaining Fog


Becoming opaque
The building starts to show through
Fog needs maintenance

[Amy] Pabst


An old theater
Seats bottoms older than mine
To keep with the times

[Amy] Foggy Tangles

Tangles and Fog

Branches intertwine
Wooden synaptic network
Obscured by the fog

[Amy] Lonely


Beautiful design
The museum stands alone
As nothing compares

[Amy] Hay


Hey! Hay? A hay bale?
Where did that hay bale come from?
Fell off the wagon

[Amy] Ice Wall


A prison escape
With these walls coated in ice
Slip out if you can

[Amy] Snow Slide


This snow-covered slide
Entertains the Winter sprites
When they come to play

[Amy] Sponge?


Footprint in the snow
Becomes a sponge in the sand
In a beachside dream