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[Amy] To Nowhere


Won’t get there faster
Climbing a ramp to nowhere
Hope to see you there

[Amy] Hay


Hey! Hay? A hay bale?
Where did that hay bale come from?
Fell off the wagon

[Ian] River Walk


Milwaukee river
you can stroll where the boats go
downtown river walk

[Ian] Space Buildings


these high rise buildings
built to resemble rockets
space station Earth

[Amy] Ladybug


This pretty lady
Wanders the streets of downtown
With her red dress on

[Ian] Rush Hour


eager to get home
leaving only trails of light
traffic rushes by

[Ian] City Grass


grass in the city
make  buildings seem organic
a concrete jungle

[Ian] Urban Park

Urban Park

Urban Park

the heart of the city

a peaceful little retreat

sit – grow with nature

[Ian] Downtown Reflections

Downtown Reflections

Downtown Reflections

reaching for the sky
new buildings reflect the old
growing together

[Ian] Carflection

Car reflecting downtown Milwaukee buildings


metal and glass skin
reflects stone and metal skins
in this modern world