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[Ian] Eroded


metal eroded
by the water it tells of?
heavy water here?

[Ian] Floating


floating on water
lillies and patterns of light
all tiled together

[Amy] – Morning Dew

[Amy] - Morning Dew

Is it morning dew?
Or did a recent rain fall?
Only the plants know

[Ian] water way


I am so thirsty
and where is all the water?
there’s a handy sign!

[Amy] – Water Slide

[Amy] - Water Slide

Like Wisconsin Dells
Only, sized for little ants
A green water slide

[Ian] Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

this ice is so thin

its still in its liquid form

danger – you will sink

[Ian] Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

a puddle on wood

reflects the trees around it

wooden reflections

[Amy] Waterproof Leaves





leaves are wet with rain

but water never soaks in

now in waterproof


[Ian] Sunset Swim

Sunset Swim

Sunset Swim

bathed in the last rays

as sun slips underwater

these swimmers won gold