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[Ian] Shadow Play


shadows on a wall
look like a forest sunset
but made by dawn light

[Ian] Cones


forest floor littered
with the detritus of trees
hoping to be coal

[Ian] Organic Lamps

Organic Lamps

Organic Lamps

do lamps grow on trees

as giant metal seed pods

and are these ones ripe?

[Ian] Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

a puddle on wood

reflects the trees around it

wooden reflections

[Ian] Angry Clouds

Angry Clouds

Angry Clouds

clouds on rolling boil

water vapour set to pour

drenching wind swept trees

[Amy] Burgundy Two

a burgundy two

the area’s first to change

stand out from the crowd

[Ian] Wet Trees

Wet Trees

Wet Trees

these shimmering trees

ask us to reflect on what

is reality

[Ian] End of Day

End of Day

End of Day

stealthy night creeps in

but the day has one last stand

magnificent light