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[Amy] Watching

am I watching you

maybe you are watching me

just stay very still

[Amy] Sun-touched


the sparkling sun

glistens through these red-tipped leaves

becoming sun touched

[Ian] Acclimatized


used to the cold now
even when it’s zero out
feels warm in the sun

[Amy] Frozen


A cool morning dawns

With a little bit of frost

First time for the year

[Amy] Power


It cannot light these towers
Sun powered color

[Ian] Metal Sun


rusted metal lid
looks like morning sun rising
complete with sun spots

2012-09-18 [Amy] Metallic Sun

Oh! I just love how this came out. I knew it was cool when I took it, but when I got it onto the computer screen, I was shocked! I love the oranges in the sun (which I think are reflected off my yellow bag). I do hope you all enjoy it as much as I do.

2012-09-05 [Amy] Granite and Flowers

In the morning sun, the flowers really stood out against the off-white granite. I played with the contrast a bit to really emphasize the difference in the lights and darks.

This is outside NM on my walk into work in the morning. I really am amazed at the beauty of that historic South building.

[Ian] Sun Drenched Escape

Sun Drenched Escape

Sun Drenched Escape

sun plays peek-a-boo

dancing on these metal steps

too soon it will hide