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[Ian] Risky


sign that says it all
the dangers demonstrated
by its own damage

[Ian] Behind Bars


looking for workers
is this at the county jail?
given all these bars

[Ian] Crushed


the stampede came through
destroying all in its path
which way did it go?

[Amy] Unsigned


Sign covered over
The peeling reveals words from
What once was unsigned

[Amy] – Angry Water

Accusing Water

This angry water
Points at the surprised human

[Ian] Angry Sign


once spelling danger
now this sign has lost its “D”
and warns of anger

[Ian] Bad Cloud


nasty weather out
if you are a silhouette
watch for jagged clouds

[Amy] Yellow


Here’s a labeled road
Just in case you didn’t know
The lines are yellow

[Amy] Missing Car

Which car

If you park this car
The invisible auto
Parking free of charge

[Ian] Wurst Sign

Wurst Sign

Wurst Sign

a sign of the times

older than many buildings

it’s the best wurst sign