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[Ian] Distort


really surreal feel.
melted stone and dripping glass
held up by square grid

[Ian] Stares


stare at this stairway
something doesn’t seem quite right.
window reflections

[Ian] Stop Reflected

Stop Reflecting

ice melt reflection

a world arrives from nowhere

soon it will be gone

[Ian] Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

Wooden Reflection

a puddle on wood

reflects the trees around it

wooden reflections

[Ian] Wet Trees

Wet Trees

Wet Trees

these shimmering trees

ask us to reflect on what

is reality

2012-09-07 [Amy] Reflected Leaves

Leaves reflected in a puddle. This photo turned out so cool! I love the focus fade as the puddle ended and the sidewalk became visible.

I didn’t modify this photo at all – literally took it directly from the camera. No cropping even. So cool!

[Ian] Carflection

Car reflecting downtown Milwaukee buildings


metal and glass skin
reflects stone and metal skins
in this modern world

2012-08-30 [Amy] 1990

Upside-down and backwards, but no, I did not flip this image. The morning sun caught the building’s inscription of the year it was built, and flipped it onto the sidewalk. It was displayed so clearly, how could I not take a photo of it?

2012-08-25 [Amy] Reflect and Float

I know this one is a couple of days behind, but I had it and didn’t want to forget to get it up.  This is a shot from a walk we took around the lake at Girl Scout Camp (where I volunteer), and the lake had both reflected leaves and floating algae. It’s not quite as clear as I would have liked, but it’s still unique, and I thought, worth posting.

[Ian] Onlooker



sitting having lunch

wondering what is behind

these shuttered windows