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[Ian] Paws

footprints in snow

paw prints in the snow
where critters and humans go
sharing the same road

[Ian] Hydrant

Snowy Hydrant

Bright yellow hydrant

caught in a winter blizzard

wearing a snow suit

[Ian] Unexpected Gas

unexpected gas

unexpected gas?

this expression says it all

shock personified

[an] Frosty Tag

Frosty Tag

Frosty Tag

Frosty the snowman

tagged this frost encrusted bench

more lasting than he

[Ian] Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

this ice is so thin

its still in its liquid form

danger – you will sink

[Ian] Black And White

Black And White

Black And White

breeze flows through their hair

as these two dogs taste the air

life without a care

[Ian] Lit House

Lit House

Lit House

there’s weather moving in

lighting lighthouse in dawn glow

urging ships back home

[Ian] Metal Horse

Metal Horse

Metal Horse

yellow metal horse

climb aboard and make pretend

you can leap fences

[Ian] Organic Lamps

Organic Lamps

Organic Lamps

do lamps grow on trees

as giant metal seed pods

and are these ones ripe?

[Ian] Mural And Leaves

Mural And Leaves

Mural And Leaves

together forever

painted on a concrete wall

plants grow around them