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[Ian]Shadow Boxing


shadow of a lamp

looks like a boxer sparring

a lightweight, perhaps?

Note: I am currently working through a set of themes. This was for the theme “Black and White”. I decided to look for a colour shot that looks like it is black and white.

[Ian] Three Ghosts?


faces on the wall

How many soft memories hide

behind stony stares?

NOTE: I have started to take photos in a set of pre-chosen themes. This is my first theme: Three Of A Kind.

[Ian] Big Chess Piece


a leaning gate post
looking like a taken chess piece
how the mighty fall

[Ian] Internet Cable Heat

Internet Cable Heat

it’s a harsh old life

when Internet Cable Heat

is all that warms you

[Ian] Stop Reflected

Stop Reflecting

ice melt reflection

a world arrives from nowhere

soon it will be gone

[Ian] Snow Pancakes

Snow Pancakes

bizarre snow sculptures

as far as the eye can see

what made you, and why?


[Ian] Big Snow Bird

Big Snow Bird


what bird made these tracks

hurrying towards that tree

cross country ski bird?

[Ian] Life Bursts Through

Life Bursts Through


evergreens break through

thirsting for sunlight and air

enjoying dawn light


[Ian] Sidewalk Snore

Sidewalk Snore

obscured by the snow

it looks like this slab was laid

by the sleepy dwarf

[Ian] Bench For One

Bench For One


sit here if you like

but this is a single’s bench

only room for one