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[Amy] Cracked


Fissures catch the light
A sparkling web in the sun
Structure strong behind

2012-09-13 [Amy] Cattails

Ah, the marshy wonders of the Northwestern Mutual Franklin Campus. I caught this shot walking on the lovely 1.5 mile path that was installed when the buildings in Franklin were built. I was surprised at how consistent the coloring came out… the entire area around this had greens and birds and water, but this little clump had just the browns of the cattail fronds. Fun!

[Ian] Downtown Reflections

Downtown Reflections

Downtown Reflections

reaching for the sky
new buildings reflect the old
growing together

2012-09-05 [Amy] Granite and Flowers

In the morning sun, the flowers really stood out against the off-white granite. I played with the contrast a bit to really emphasize the difference in the lights and darks.

This is outside NM on my walk into work in the morning. I really am amazed at the beauty of that historic South building.

2012-08-30 [Amy] 1990

Upside-down and backwards, but no, I did not flip this image. The morning sun caught the building’s inscription of the year it was built, and flipped it onto the sidewalk. It was displayed so clearly, how could I not take a photo of it?

2012-08-27 [Amy] NM in the Jungle

This shot is of the plants outside Northwestern Mutual with the sun shining through them, and just visible on the left in the background is the historic South building of Northwestern Mutual. The buildings look like they are being overtaken by a large jungle of unusual plants! The light in this particular shot was fun, and since the sun was being so cooperative, I have a couple of other city shots with the evening sun in them as well.

[Ian] Inside And Out

Inside And Out

Inside And Out

downtown Milwaukee

rectangles in rectangles

buildings rub shoulders