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[Amy] First Fall


The first leaf of fall
Contrasts with the greens of summer
Foretelling the cold

[Amy] Planted


Trying to explain
Being planted in cement
Leaves no room to grow

[Amy] Fuzzy


In mind of cleaning
This bottle brush is really
A fuzzy flower

[Amy] Flowers


An afternoon walk
Beautified by flower fields
Brightens any day

[Amy] West Coast Flower

Redwood City Flower

A west coast flower
In the California sun
Happy plants grow here

[Amy] Pinecone Plant


Shiny dark brown leaves
Are tree seeds hidden within?
Plant like a pine cone

[Ian] Pinch me


see if I’m awake.
pinch me with a giant claw
the stuff of nightmares

[Amy] – Water Slide

[Amy] - Water Slide

Like Wisconsin Dells
Only, sized for little ants
A green water slide

[Ian] Life Bursts Through

Life Bursts Through


evergreens break through

thirsting for sunlight and air

enjoying dawn light


[Amy] Porcu-bush


Little spikey bush

Snow, stuck to branches like fur

Winter porcupine