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[Ian] Inside Sun


echoing sunshine
incandescent electric
light from glowing wire

[Ian] Shadows


precious light streaming
making silver on the floor
spilling from the sky

[Amy] Flags at Sunset

Flags at Sunset

Colors imagined

On a bright, painted palette

Evening brought alive

[Ian] Lit House

Lit House

Lit House

there’s weather moving in

lighting lighthouse in dawn glow

urging ships back home

[Ian] Sunlit Walk

Sunlit Walk

Sunlit Walk

I walk on, amazed

wishing this perfect moment

could last forever


2012-08-27 [Amy] NM in the Jungle

This shot is of the plants outside Northwestern Mutual with the sun shining through them, and just visible on the left in the background is the historic South building of Northwestern Mutual. The buildings look like they are being overtaken by a large jungle of unusual plants! The light in this particular shot was fun, and since the sun was being so cooperative, I have a couple of other city shots with the evening sun in them as well.