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[Amy] Rusted rainbow


Trees with bright colors

Are only missing a few

A rusted rainbow

[Ian] Colour Recipe


slice up a rainbow.
reserve the red, and dice it.
bake it in the sun.

[Amy] Lines


Leaves lined up in rows
Contast colored highlighting
Keep us on our feet

[Amy] Shadow play


Leaves, in darkness, dance
Back-lit color wash behind
Nature’s shadow box

[Ian] Leaves


leaves float on puddles
among reflections of trees
onwhich they once grew

[Ian] Brown


see sepia seep
leaving leaves levitating
mottled morning mood

[Ian] Life Bursts Through

Life Bursts Through


evergreens break through

thirsting for sunlight and air

enjoying dawn light


[Ian] Slick Leaves

Slick Leaves

Slick Leaves

a whole Universe

floating in its oily space

filthy milky way

[Ian] Study in Yellow

Study in Yellow

Study in Yellow

yellow on yellow

sunlight reflecting on bronze

tribute to Fall leaves

[Amy] Fall Colors

fall colors popping

hiding summer greens from site

soon colors will fade