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[Amy] Memory

it’s true, times may change

hand me downs from family

bring back memories

[Amy] Lightened

before electric
mirrors amplify the light
to infinity

[Amy] Juliette

first of the girl scouts
once had an elegant home
full of neat detail

[Amy] Rails

You can’t go that way.
Is this a way to keep safe?
Or is it a jail?

[Amy] Reflecting


light waves are waving
an echo in the dark
reflecting the way

[Amy] Orchid


a little beauty
amongst the winter bleakness
helps to cheer the soul

[Amy] Pabst


An old theater
Seats bottoms older than mine
To keep with the times

[Amy] Curls


Plays of light and dark
Creating calligraphy
Light curls the shadows

[Amy] Games


It’s a lot of work
Civilizing this island
With its wild landscape

[Amy] 122


Here’s a location
It’s only easy to find
If you walk backwards