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[Ian] Cabin Fever


winter in cabins
snow and ice kept folks inside
waiting for the spring

[Ian] Cold Steam


frigid lake sunrise
the lighthouse shrouded by steam
as water freezes

[Amy] Freezing


Decorative frost
The temperature inside
Is reflected here

[Amy] Ice


When speaking of ice
She did not mean that the cold
Was a girl’s best friend

[Amy] Wiggle


Dancing in the sun
These buildings are moving with
A little wiggle

[Amy] Fading


Flowers start fading
Winter’s cold saps their color
Leaving pale and white

[Ian] Arrow


natural sculpture
leaf made into arrow head
icy creation

[Amy] Lacy Ice

Ice Lace Sheets

Sheets of lacy ice

Each automatically made

Winter factory

[an] Frosty Tag

Frosty Tag

Frosty Tag

Frosty the snowman

tagged this frost encrusted bench

more lasting than he

[Ian] Thin Ice

Thin Ice

Thin Ice

this ice is so thin

its still in its liquid form

danger – you will sink