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[Ian] Urban Park

Urban Park

Urban Park

the heart of the city

a peaceful little retreat

sit – grow with nature

[Ian] Study in Yellow

Study in Yellow

Study in Yellow

yellow on yellow

sunlight reflecting on bronze

tribute to Fall leaves

[Amy] Fall Colors

fall colors popping

hiding summer greens from site

soon colors will fade

[Amy] Burgundy Two

a burgundy two

the area’s first to change

stand out from the crowd

[Amy] Rolling Countryside

rolling countryside

fall colors touch the landscape

lazy farmland hills

[Ian] Rocket Tree

Rocket Tree

Rocket Tree

before leaves take off

they look like a rocket’s flames

rising in the fall

[Ian] Turning Leaves

Turning Leaves

Turning Leaves

as the weather cools

the colour of leaves heats up

shades of fire and sun