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[Ian] Paradise Reflected

paradise reflects

but not in a tropical sea.

On wooden table.



[Amy] Between


High-rising buildings
Separate a small window
Happiness between

[Amy] Sunset in Franklin

Sunset in Franklin

Orange, pink and gray

Signs of the next sunny day

As winter gives way

[Ian] Angry Clouds

Angry Clouds

Angry Clouds

clouds on rolling boil

water vapour set to pour

drenching wind swept trees

[Amy] Painted Clouds

real clouds look painted

above sparkling lake water

a water color

[Ian] Plane Clouds

Plane Clouds

Plane Clouds

packed inside a plane

food, drink, noise, stress. Have we lost

the wonder of flight

2012-09-08 [Amy] White and Fluffy

Some days, you just take a photo because it makes you happy. No fancy artistic reason, or dramatic plays in light. It was just a gorgeous day outside and I was laying, watching the clouds float happily overhead. It seemed worthy of documenting such a wonderful moment.

[Ian] Inside And Out

Inside And Out

Inside And Out

downtown Milwaukee

rectangles in rectangles

buildings rub shoulders

[Ian] Blue Lamp

Blue Lamp

Blue Lamp

gathering storm clouds

blue becomes gray becomes rain

lamp looks on, unmoved