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2012-09-04 [Amy] Unwrapped

Resting happily on a black surface that didn’t reflect when I took the photo, this shot impressed me when it came out so clearly. It is such a stark contrast to have the white wrapper “floating” on an almost invisible surface.

2012-08-18 [Amy] Doorknob of Justice

This weekend we had some fun playing tourists in our own town. One of the places we visited is the Basilica of St. Josephat, which is on 6th and Lincoln.  A beautiful building; much of it was build from salvage material from an old post office in downtown Chicago.  Here you see the uniquely styled doorknob which used to be on that Chicago post office.

[Ian] Accordian

Daily photo - accordian

2012-08-06 [by Ian] Accordian

more than just the blues

spectrum of notes and colours

squeezing from the frame