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[Ian] Spring


winter melts away

spring uncoils to warm the land

white retreats from green

[Ian] The Cranaceous Era


before the buildings

metal monsters roamed the earth

eager to create


[The theme this week was ‘Adventures in Architecture’]

[Amy] Wiggle


Dancing in the sun
These buildings are moving with
A little wiggle

[Ian] Going…going…


climbing up the stairs
at about the thirteenth floor
I faded away

[Ian] Giant Jigsaw


jigsaw construction
with pieces placed randomly
corner should be next

[Ian] Stone


once we lived in caves
warm and safe inside the rock
now we build our own

[Ian] Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

Wrap It Up

paper or plastic?

the buyer of this building

was surprised to hear

2012-08-21 [Amy] Glowing Building

I caught this shot on my way home yesterday.  This building in the Franklin Industrial Park really had a cool reflection of the evening sun.  It looks like the edges of the building are glowing embers. Shall we roast some marshmallows?