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[Ian] Key West Street Scene

looking for a meal

bird wades through manicured grass

It’s his habitat

[Ian] Spoonbill


this bird grew a spoon

searched until it found the sea

thought it found fish soup

[Ian] Abundant


abundance of spring
after a hungry winter
birds find easy food

[This week’s theme was Spring]

[Ian] Takeoff


bufflehead takes off
black and white with yellow eye
swift beauty in flight

[Ian] Cane


carved onto a cane
a hardwood bird bows it’s head.
craning it’s long neck

[Ian] Hanging Around

Hanging Around

birds hanging around
on an island of great food
in a sea of snow

[Amy] Nest


A city bird’s home
May seem safe in the summer
Exposed when leaves fall

[Ian] Angry Gourd


this gourd could become
like an angry bird in flight
if catapulted

[Ian] Big Snow Bird

Big Snow Bird


what bird made these tracks

hurrying towards that tree

cross country ski bird?

[Amy] Footprints


A walk in the snow

but we should not be lonely

joined by feathered friends