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[Ian] Gorgeous Run

we ran past these trees

in a Halloween 5K

it was breathtaking

[Ian] Fall

chlorophyl gone

underneath the green

were magnificent yellows

waiting to emerge

[Ian] Sunlit Filter

sun setting through leaves

paints a golden glow over

delightful colours

[Ian] Fallen?

Squash.jpgHalloween holdout

bright orange against the browns

and greys of winter



[Amy] Floating


Miniature boats
Form a marina of leaves
Prepped for cold storage

[Amy] Autumn lace


Fancy autumn lace
With no two sections alike
Uniquely designed

[Ian] Bare-Japanese Maple Part 2


Japanese Maple
shed its colours overnight
left with shreds of red

[Ian] Red-Japanese Maple Part 1


Japanese maple
adorned in her new red dress
her Fall collection

[Ian] Colour Recipe


slice up a rainbow.
reserve the red, and dice it.
bake it in the sun.

[Ian] July Fall


saw this bright red leaf
thought I’d found Fall in July
but it was man made