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[Ian] Dancing Stick Man

take a warning sign

turn it around and crop it

make that wee man dance

[Amy] Reflecting


light waves are waving
an echo in the dark
reflecting the way

[Ian] Spring


winter melts away

spring uncoils to warm the land

white retreats from green

[Ian] White House

White House

light in the windows

reflection of waning sun

breaking up the white

[Amy] Ice


When speaking of ice
She did not mean that the cold
Was a girl’s best friend

[Ian] WaterColour



splashes of  blues, grays

shades almost drowning out the

floating waterfowl

[Ian] Seagull Slurping

Seagull Slurping

Seagull Slurping

does he dream of seas

as he drinks from urban pools

missing salty sprays


[Ian] Cathedral Slice

Cathedral Slice

Cathedral Slice

framed by alleyway

the majestic Cathedral

Italian scene?