Cocoon [Ian]

tell me mummy, do

plastic butterflies emerge

from bottle cocoons?

[Ian] Stop

show this sign some love

survivor of all weathers

now fadimg away

[Ian] Fall

chlorophyl gone

underneath the green

were magnificent yellows

waiting to emerge


free for the taking

if you have pick and shovel

otherwise you’re stumped

[Ian] Sunlit Filter

sun setting through leaves

paints a golden glow over

delightful colours

Skeleton Climb

skeletons clamber

up a tree, fast as squirrels

afraid of the grave?


in a park at night

the residents stretched their legs

looking for a snack

Mushroom Discs

appeared overnight

designed by alien minds

little crop circles

Snowy Continent

this winter’s last snow

melted into to the shape of

a hot continent

[Ian] Frosted Glass

patterns on mirror

make us reflect that cold nights

produce frosty art