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[Ian] Stop Snowing!

snow blows through the the night

leaves shadowy, ghostly tracks

ignores traffic sign

[Ian] Summer Colours

remember summer?

the warmth of blues and yellows

soon it will be back

[Amy] Piney-cone


beginning to melt
the warmer weather reveals
piney-cone of life

*note: this post in honor of my friend Kevin, who always tells me of the piney-cone of life

[Ian] Golden Rider

motorbike rider
emerges from early sun

feeling so alive

[Ian] Ice House


take a winter break
surrounded by frozen lake
no need for the light

[Ian] Acclimatized


used to the cold now
even when it’s zero out
feels warm in the sun

[Amy] Snow Dance

Snow Dance

twisting and swirling
whipping wind toys with the snow
in a blinding dance

[Amy] Spirograph


Playing in the snow
Bringing back the memories
Of the days of old

[Amy] Stick Fingers


Stick figure fingers
Skin and sinew made of ice
Reach up from the ground

[Amy] Maintaining Fog


Becoming opaque
The building starts to show through
Fog needs maintenance