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[Ian] Modern Art


abstract paint splashes
made by sunset reflections
windows on water

[Amy] Sunset Lake


Beautiful summer
Winds down with a lake outing
Before fall begins

[Ian] Shadow Play


shadows on a wall
look like a forest sunset
but made by dawn light

[Amy] Industrial Pink

Industial Pink

Baseball fades to night
Industrial, yet scenic
With a splash of pink

[Ian] Night Night


first summer crickets
celebrating gorgeous light
Unseen twilight shift

[Amy] Sunset in Franklin

Sunset in Franklin

Orange, pink and gray

Signs of the next sunny day

As winter gives way

[Amy] Flags at Sunset

Flags at Sunset

Colors imagined

On a bright, painted palette

Evening brought alive

[Amy] Live Wire

glowing red wires burn

like electricity flows

spiderwebs on fire

[Ian] Sunset Swim

Sunset Swim

Sunset Swim

bathed in the last rays

as sun slips underwater

these swimmers won gold

[Ian] End of Day

End of Day

End of Day

stealthy night creeps in

but the day has one last stand

magnificent light